Why Bar-Ilan?

Bar-Ilan students on campus The Bar-Ilan Postbac Premed program offers a unique mix of small classes, world-class yet welcoming and accessible faculty, cutting-edge laboratories, and hands-on medical experience that combine to ensure that the credentials of each student are maximized for acceptance into top American medical schools. The program is also appropriate preparation for students planning on medical careers in Israel.

The program features:

  • Smaller class size – Bar-Ilan offers the smallest class sizes of any postbac premed program in the world. Other postbac premeds study organic chemistry with 100, 200, sometimes several hundred fellow students.

    At Bar-Ilan, your organic chemistry class—and all your other classes—will host a maximum of 35 students, ensuring maximum personal attention and an optimal premed experience.
  • Lower price – The other postbac premed programs range from $24,000 to well over $60,000.

    At Bar-Ilan, a $4,500 Masa Israel scholarship (available to eligible students regardless of economic need who are under 31 and who haven't previously received Masa Israel funding) brings your tuition down to $23,000; then needs-based scholarships are available from Masa Israel for up to $3,000, bringing your tuition down to only $20,000. And, Premed Ambassadors receive an additional $5,000 merit scholarship. Prices include all course tuition and laboratories, the official Stanley Kaplan MCAT preparation course, and the optional advanced Jewish studies program (Kollel and Midrasha).
  • Intensive MCAT preparation – It takes more than basic coursework to excel on your MCATs, a critical part of your medical school application.

    At Bar-Ilan, an intensive Stanley Kaplan MCAT course is part of your schedule—and entirely free with your tuition. You'll enjoy the benefits of over 54 classroom hours and 30 testing hours, with additional practicums with tutors as needed.
  • Personalized attention – Your personal statement, essays, and AMCAS application are essential to distinguish you from hundreds of other applicants to medical school, and can make the difference between being invited for an interview or immediate rejection.

    At Bar-Ilan, you'll work one-on-one with our Program Director and premed advisory team to highlight your strengths, minimize your liabilities, choose distinctive personal statement topics, and be sure your medical school application is the best that it can be. The small, selective nature of the program ensures that the faculty knows each of the students very well; because of this, every student should be eligible to receive a recommendation letter from our Program Director.
  • Faculty mentoring – At Bar-Ilan, our world-class faculty will work with you individually to create a strategic timeline for your medical school application process — and then to help you implement it. With a maximum of 35 students in the program, you'll get an unparalleled level of attention and a compelling premed experience.
  • Israel – Bar-Ilan offers the only postbac premed program in Israel — and an opportunity for young adults who have decided to pursue a medical degree to spend extended time in Israel.
  • Unique opportunities – The program includes these optional activities:
    • A Magen David Adom (Red Cross) course in emergency medicine
    • Introduction to the medical system in Israel, including extended tours of the Israeli medical schools and hospitals
    • Guided tours (all fees included) of the nature, history, and culture of Israel
    • Learn about global health clinical medical initiatives in Israel and around the world.
    • Social weekends to encourage and facilitate networking and socialization between the premed students and the Israeli students on campus
    • Participation in Jewish learning at the Bar-Ilan University Kollel or Midrasha.

How does Bar-Ilan Compare?

SchoolProgram Length Price/Yr
Bar-Ilan1 year $20,000*°
Tufts1 - 2 years$26,800
Bryn Mawr1 year$27,000
Johns Hopkins1 year$32,000
Columbia2 years$56,000
NYU 1 - 2 years $60,000+

* The full price is $27,500. The $20,000 price reflects a $4,500 Masa Israel scholarship available to eligible students under the age of 31 (regardless of economic need) who have not previously received Masa Israel grants, as well as a $3,000 Masa Israel needs-based grant. See the Masa Israel website.

° Includes the Stanley Kaplan MCAT Advantage — Anywhere MCAT prep course

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What Students Say About Our Faculty
Tikva Shore, Biochemistry Major, Class of 2014

“Professor Aryeh Frimer's Organic Chemistry course was interest­ing and exciting, way beyond what any of us expected. His love of chemistry and of teaching inspired all of us to work hard and succeed. I really will miss the class.”

— Tikva Shore
Biotechnology Major
Class of 2013