Tuition and Financial Aid

Bar-Ilan students preparing for medical school

Tuition for the Bar-Ilan Postbac Premed Program, covering all coursework, e-learning opportunities, Stanley Kaplan MCAT Advantage — Anywhere course, guided tours of Israel, and all other program benefits, is $27,500.

Tuition is billed as follows: $5,000 is due within 3 weeks of admission; another $5,000 is due March 1; a further $5,000 is due October 1; and the remainder of the tuition is due January 1. All tuition is non-refundable.

At least one $5,000 merit scholarship is awarded to a student who is successful in his application to be a Bar-Ilan Ambassador. You must be accepted to the premed program to be eligible to be a Bar-Ilan Ambassador.

Masa Israel funding: Eligible US and Canadian citizens who are under the age of 31 receive an automatic Masa Israel organization grant in the amount of $4,500 (regardless of economic need), provided they haven't previously received Masa Israel funding, with additional needs-based Masa Israel stipends of $3000. You can find the complete details and the application form for Masa Israel at

Education loans: A number of companies specialize in providing education loans to students. The biggest two are Sallie Mae ( and Nelnet (, but many banks also offer student loans, like Citi, Chase, US Bank, Citizens Bank, Wells Fargo, and others. Some of our students have been approved for private loans for this program.

All Masa Israel scholarships, Ambassador Scholarships, and any other scholarship except Sallie Mae (and similar education loans) are applied to the final tuition payment. All tuition is non-refundable.


In addition to tuition, other expenses you are likely to incur include:

  • Airfare to Israel ($1000 round-trip).
  • Housing: A shared 2-3 bedroom apartment will cost about $500/month plus utilities and monthly fees, e.g. heat, electricity, gas, hot water, internet, property tax ("arnona"), and apartment fee ("vaad bayit"), or about $600 total/month.
  • Food: Your food bill will generally be less than in major metropolitan areas of the USA.
  • Entertainment, clothing: These tend to be less expensive than their counterparts in the USA.
  • Health insurance: About $38 - $50/month depending on the plan you choose; see our FAQ page for more information about health insurance.
  • Cell-phone service: Cell-phone service generally costs less in Israel. For under $35/mo you can get an unlimited calling, texting, and data plan within Israel that also includes unlimited airtime for calls to the US.
  • Transportation: Buses are very inexpensive, clean, and generally reliable. A semester pass for the Tel Aviv area costs about $120. See the Egged website for more details.
  • Books will cost approximately $400 if purchased new, or $200 used.

Some Additional Opportunities To Investigate

  • Masa Israel external funding web page – Masa Israel has collected a list of possible sources of funding that are not associated with Masa Israel.
  • Abe and Gert Nutkis Scholarship – The Abe and Gert Nutkis (AGN) Scholarship for Israel Study and Service enables young adults 18-30 to study in Israel and foster personal involvement with Israel society and Zionist ideals. Scholarship recipients are eligible to receive grants of up to $5,000 each for full-year study in a co-educational institution of higher learning in Israel. Recipients must concurrently perform a minimum of four hours weekly volunteer service throughout the academic year with ATZUM or an ATZUM approved organization.
  • American Jewish League, Israel University Scholarship – Provides eligible students scholarships to attend Israeli universities.
  • Davis-Putter Scholarship Fund – The Davis-Putter Scholarship Fund provides grants to university students who are part of the progressive movement on campus or the community, actively working for peace and justice.
  • Study Abroad Scholarships – A study abroad portal that has partnered with several organizations to offer scholarships.
  • Fulbright Scholarship – The Fulbright Program is the flagship international educational exchange program sponsored by the U.S. government to increase mutual understanding between the people of the United States and the people of other countries.
  • National Security Education Program (NSEP) David L. Boren Scholarships – NSEP awards scholarships to American students for study of world regions critical to U.S. interests (including Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, Eurasia, Latin American & the Caribbean, and the Middle East). NSEP David L. Boren Scholarship made changes this past year to accommodate students wanting to study abroad in countries on the US State Department Warning List.
  • Helyn B. Reich Memorial Scholarship Fund – Reich scholarships are awarded each year to a limited number of American students who choose to study at one of several designated Israeli universities. Preference is given to candidates who decide to spend the full year in Israel. For more information about the scholarship and to apply online, please visit:
  • Scholarships from Rotary International – The Rotarians offer scholarships up to $26,000 for Israeli university studies and Hebrew studies.
  • – Helpful section of study abroad scholarships can be found on this study abroad search engine.
  • – Search engine of study abroad scholarships.
  • – This link takes you to a multitude of other scholarship resources.
  • Regional and local scholarships — The Jewish Federations in many cities offer grants and scholarships for study in Israel. Each local Federation offers different programs. Contact your local Jewish Federation (partial list):
    • Albany (Northeast New York)
      Contact: Jewish Federation of Northeast New York, (518)783-7800,
    • Atlanta
      Administered through the Federation for community members age 15-26. Both incentive and need-based scholarships available. Contact: Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta Israel Experience Program, (404)870-7686,
    • Baltimore
      Contact: Center for Jewish Education, Community Fund for Israel Experiences, Shayna Levine-Hefetz, 5708 Park Heights Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21215, (410)735-5016,
    • Bergen County, NJ
      Contact: UJA Federation of Bergen County & North Hudson, Elana Maman-Shapiro, Israel Programs Center Associate, (201)488-6800, ext. 235,
    • Boca Raton (S. Palm Beach County)
      Administered by the Federation and available to college students who study in Israel and students who participate in congregational trips. Scholarships given are either $500 or $1000. Contact: South Palm Beach Federation, Jewish Education Commission: Leon Weissberg, JEC Executive Director, 9901 Donna Klein Blvd. Boca Raton, FL 33426, (561)852-6013,
    • Boston
      Administered by the Federation, scholarships are available to residents of the greater Boston community. Applicants must be enrolled in an organized Israel program. Once enrolled in an Israel program the program provider is asked to send a letter to the CJP Israel Experience Desk with the name of applicant, official statement of acceptance into program, name of program, dates of program, cost of program, applicant contact information, address where scholarship can be mailed, statement that the applicant is in need of financial assistance. If it is not possible to apply to a program without the assurance that scholarship money will be available, applicants should first contact the Israel Program's Desk. Funds are sent directly to the program. Under development: Students will now be expected to commit to recruiting for their Israel Experience program several hours per month in exchange for scholarship money.

      Contact: Combined Jewish Philanthropies, Israel Programs Desk, Jamie Bornstein or Adina Stein, 126 High Street, Boston, MA 02110, (617)457-8500,

    • Broward County, FL
      Administered through the Orloff Central Agency for Jewish Education (CAJE) Israel Experience Center. Contact: Israel Experience Center, (954)660-2070
    • Chicago
      Scholarships offered by the Federation and available for college and graduate students ages 14-23. JUF also offers Gift of Israel and SKIP (Israel Savings Program). Contact: Jewish United Fund, (312)444-2895 or (312)444-2904,

      Also try the Community Foundation for Jewish Education,

    • Cincinnati
      Administered through the Federation. Contact: Jewish Federation of Cincinnati, Israel Programs Center, Barbara Miller, (513)985-1528,
    • Cleveland
      Administered by the Jewish Education Center of Cleveland and available to high school and undergraduate college students. Contact: Cleveland Israel Experience office, (216)371-0446 x.122 or (216)566-9200 x.326,
    • Columbus, Ohio
      The Columbus Jewish Federation offers various grants for short- and long-term study in Israel. Contact: The Columbus Jewish Federation, Lori Fireman, 1175 College Ave, Columbus, OH 43209, (614)559-3242,
    • Dallas
      All scholarships are need based and need is determined by the School and Student Service, a private scholarship service also used by the local day schools. To be eligible students must be between the ages of 16-26, from Dallas and participating in a trip of at least 10 days that includes some education and some touring of Israel. There is no deadline for application. Dallas also hosts the Gift of Israel program. Contact: Jewish Federation of Greater Dallas, Esther Nathan, (214)750-6461,,
    • Denver
      Administered by the Colorado Agency for Jewish Education and available to teens and college students. Contact: Colorado Agency for Jewish Education, Daniel Bennett (Executive Director and Israel Trip Consultant), CAJE Israel Study Tour, (303)321-3191,,
    • Detroit
      Administered by the Federation and available to all students. Contact: Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Detroit, Tanya Mazor-Posner, Jewish Education Alliance, (248)203-1456,
    • East Bay, CA
      The Israel Center of the Jewish Community Federation of the Greater East Bay has a single ongoing (no deadline) scholarship process for high school and college students. Eligible applicants must be under 30 years of age and live in Alameda or Contra Costa counties. Awards are need based. Funds are applicable to study in Israel only and are payable to the specific, recognized program and never to the applicant. Contact: Jewish Community Federation of the East Bay, Marilyn Kinch, (510)839-2900 x256,,
    • Erie or Niagara County, NY
      The Foundation for Jewish Philanthropies – The Israel Scholarship Committee of the Foundation for Jewish Philanthropies administers a limited amount of financial assistance for high school and college students to travel and study in Israel.
    • Greensboro, NC
      Administered through the Federation, scholarships are offered through the Gift of Israel program and the Israel Grant Program which offers scholarships to community members ages 16-23. Contact: Greensboro Jewish Federation, (336)852-5433,
    • Hartford
      Administered by the Federation and available to teens and college students. Contact: Greater Hartford Jewish Community Center, The Israel Program Center, Asaf Ron, (860)231-6324
    • Houston
      Administered by the Bureau of Jewish Education and available to all teens and college students. BJE also runs the Gift of Israel program. Contact: Elaine Kellerman, BJE Executive Director, (713)729-7000 ext. 310,
    • Kansas City
      Administered by the Central Agency for Jewish Education as well as schools and synagogues and available to students studying in Israel. Contact: CAJE, (913)327-8140,
    • Los Angeles
      The Federation offers Israel Experience Program partnership grants with 80 local institutions. The IEP also offers the Marks and Brown Fellowships through the Jewish Community Foundation. These fellowships are for college, graduate and post-graduate intensive year-long study in Israel. The IEP lay committee provides recommendations based on financial need, academic achievement, and plans for involvement in the Jewish community upon return from Israel, to the Jewish Community Foundation. Marks and Brown Fellowships range from $1,000-$2,000. Contact: Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles, Beth Singer, Program Associate, Israel Connections/Experiences, (323)761-8342,
    • MetroWest, NJ
      Administered by the Federation MetroWest offers two types of scholarships, the Israel Experience Initiative and Financial Aid. The Israel Experience Initiative is for high school students only participating in a trip for a minimum of 4 weeks. Financial aid is available to all students up to the age of 26 who are registered on approved study programs in Israel. Participants must show proof of need and write a letter about why they are going on the program. Financial aid is given based on needs and organizational budget. MetroWest currently has flexible deadlines for their scholarship deadlines. Contact: United Jewish Communities of MetroWest, Legow Israel Family Program Center, Alan Gerberg, Director of Special Projects, 901 Route 10, Whippany, NJ 07981, (973)929-3038,
    • Miami
      Administered through the Federation and available to high school and college students. Contact: Greater Miami Jewish Federation, Israel Programs Department, (305)576-4000 ext. 343,
    • Milwaukee
      Administered by the Federation through their passport to Israel program for teens on peer travel programs. Contact: Milwaukee Jewish Federation, (414)390-5700,
    • Minneapolis/St. Paul
      The Minneapolis Federation offers need-based scholarships to the community administered by the Minneapolis JCC and Federation. Most scholarships go to college students. Minneapolis also offers the Passport to Israel program for community members ages 8-21. St. Paul offers Israel Experience Scholarships through the federation for ages 13-22. Contact: Israel Program Scholarship (Minneapolis), (952)381-3553,, Israel Experience Scholarships (St. Paul), (651)690-1707
    • Montreal
      Administered through the Federation and available to students studying in Israel and traveling on congregational trips. Contact: CJA, (514)735-3541,
    • Nashville
      Administered through the Central Agency for Jewish Education and available to teens and college students. Contact: Jewish Federation of Greater Nashville, (615)356-3242,
    • New Haven
      Administered by the Bureau of Jewish Education and is available to students on summer trips. Contact: Department of Jewish Education, (203)387-2424
    • New Orleans
      Administered by the Federation and available for community members ages 16-26 through the Gift of Israel program. Contact: Jewish Federation of Greater New Orleans, (504)780-5600,
    • New York
      Contact: UJA-Federation of New York, Israel Experience Center, Leslie Pappas, Planning Assistant, (800)64-ISRAEL,
    • North Shore, MA
      Contact: Jewish Federation of the North Shore, Lisa Janiak Director, Israel Programs and Teen Programs, 21 Front Street, Salem, MA 01970, (978)745-4222,,
    • Omaha
      Contact: Jewish Educational Library Services, (402)334-8200
    • Palm Beach
      Administered by the Federation and available to teens and college students, specific scholarships for post Bar and Bat Mitzvah travel. Contact: Jewish Federation of Palm Beach County, Israel Program Center, (561)478-0700, ext. 176,
    • Philadelphia
      Administered by the federation scholarships are need based. Anyone in the federation area is eligible to apply including teens, college students, post graduate students, adults doing study programs, volunteer programs and more. The maximum scholarship is $2,000, but no more than half of the program expense. Amounts are awarded based on financial need of the individual according to a set formula. Philadelphia offers a separate need based scholarship for students doing yeshiva and seminary programs. There are no set deadlines for scholarships, they are given out on a rolling basis. Philadelphia also offers a Passport to Israel program and participants may also apply for additional need based scholarships. Contact: Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia, Donna Levinson, IPC Administrator, Israel and Overseas Center, 2100 Arch Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103, (215)832-0550,,
    • Phoenix
      Administered by the Federation through the Gift of Israel program available for children in 3rd-10th grade. Contact: Israel Center, Ernie, (480)624-4900 ext. 1119,
    • Rochester
      Administered by the Federation and available to teens and college students. Contact: Sahar Oz, (585)461-0490, ext. 249,
    • San Diego
      Administered through the United Jewish Federation of San Diego County's Israel Center. Applicants must be full time high school or college students between the ages of 15 and 26. Applicants must have a minimum grade point average of 2.0 and commit to participation in pre- and post-travel activities and educational programs. Upon their return applicants are expected to participate in some type of Jewish education; share their Israel Experience through written and oral presentations; participate in Jewish communal activities, and perform community service by volunteering for a Jewish communal agency or synagogue for a minimum of 10 hours during the year following the Israel Experience. Programs must be educationally based and be a sponsored by a nationally recognized pluralistic and Zionist Jewish institution. Israel Center subsidies range from $100-$1,500 per student and all funds are distributed to the specified Israel program, not to the recipients. Funding will not be provided for airfare or personal expenses. Contact: United Jewish Federation of San Diego County, Heather Frank, UJF Israel Center LLC, 4950 Murphy Canyon Road, San Diego, CA 92123, (858)571-3444,
    • San Francisco
      Administered by the Bureau of Jewish Education and available to all students. Gift of Israel program is also available through the Jewish Community Federation. Contact: Jewish Community Federation, (415)777-0411,
    • Seattle
      Administered through the Jewish Education Council. Offers scholarships to students in high school that are traveling to Israel on a financial need basis. JEC also offers scholarships to college students studying at Israeli Universities. Contact: Jewish Education Council, (206)774-2236,
    • Southern New Jersey
      Administered by the Federation and available to teens and college students. The Department of Jewish Education offers the Gift of Israel Program as well as merit based scholarships. Contact: Jewish Federation of Southern New Jersey, Department of Jewish Education, (856)751-9500 ext. 251
    • Springfield, MA
      There are several scholarships available to students studying in Israel. The Jewish Endowment Foundation also offers specific scholarships for the March of the Living program which include the Totsy Foundation March of the Living Scholarship. The Jeffrey A. Parish Fund for Israel Study is available for undergraduate or graduate study in Israel for a student who lives in Pioneer Valley. Contact: The Jewish Endowment Foundation of Western Massachusetts, Elaine M. Shepard, Director of Grants Administration, 1160 Dickson Street, Springfield, MA 01108, (413)732-9994
    • St. Louis
      Administered by the Federation and available to teens and college students. Contact: The Jewish Federation of St. Louis, (314)432-0020
    • Suffolk County, NY
      Administered by the Federation as well as synagogues and schools and available to those who participate in their program. Contact: SAJES, (631)462-8600,
    • Toledo
      Administered by the Federation. Contact: United Jewish Council of Greater Toledo, (419)885-3207,
    • Toronto
      Administered by the Federation and Board of Jewish Education available to teens and college students. Toronto also keeps extensive lists of additional scholarship opportunities for Israel travel. Contact: UJA Federation, (416)635-2883
    • Washington D.C.
      Administered by the Federation. Contact: The Jewish Federation of Greater Washington, Tracy Newman, 6101 Montrose Rd Rockville, MD 20852, (301)230-7200
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