Advising, Support, and Faculty

Faculty of the Bar-Ilan campus

Advising and Support

Bar-Ilan premed faculty are world-renowned scholars who relish the opportunity to teach intellectually curious students in this rigorous program.

Faculty members are readily available outside of class to help you with questions about your coursework.

Faculty members often supplement their courses with group help forums, and oversee one-on-one tutoring and mentorships as needed.

World-class Faculty

The Bar-Ilan Postbac Premed Program has an outstanding faculty, with international academic reputations and extensive teaching experience in the United States and elsewhere. The faculty and staff have trained at Harvard, Stanford, Johns Hopkins, Brown, Columbia, Brandeis, and New York University; The Weizmann Institute, The Technion, and The Hebrew University; The University of Oxford (England), and The Max-Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces (Germany).

In addition, leading academics from other universities in Israel, as well as distinguished faculty from prestigious institutions around the world, teach selected classes in their respective areas of expertise.

Program Director

Dr. Don Katcoff, Program Director

Don Katcoff
Program Director

Dr. Katcoff is a molecular biologist who specializes in understanding chromatin structure and gene expression in higher organisms.

PhD: The Weizmann Institute
Postdoc: Stanford University School of Medicine


Prof. Amnon Albeck, Chemistry

Amnon Albeck

Prof. Albeck is a bioorganic chemist who concentrates on the field of drug discovery and development. He develops novel computer-assisted drug design (CADD) tools; he also works on the design and synthesis of enzyme inhibitors.

PhD: The Weizmann Institute
Postdoc: Brandeis University

Dr. Gil Ariel, Mathematics

Gil Ariel

Dr. Ariel specializes in modeling and simulation of biological systems.

PhD: New York University

Dr. Yonatan Beck, Mathematics

Yonatan Beck

Dr. Beck studies quantum groups and mathematical physics.

Prof. Aryeh Frimer, Chemistry

Aryeh Frimer

Prof. Frimer is an organic chemist who is improving light-activated chemotherapy by fine-tuning the positioning of nano-particles within the cellular membrane. In addition Prof. Frimer is an ordained Orthodox Rabbi who teaches classes in Jewish studies and serves as the principal rabbi of a synagogue in Rehovot.

PhD: Harvard University
Postdoc: The Weizmann Institute

Prof. Yuval Garini, Physics

Yuval Garini

Prof. Garini focuses on the field of physical biology, combining the development of imaging methods for the study of sub-cellular biology and genetics with the use of advanced single molecule detection techniques to explore various biological systems.

PhD: The Technion

Prof. Ron Goldstein, Biology

Ron Goldstein

Prof. Goldstein uses human embryonic stem cells to study the development of neurons outside the organism, focusing on their applications in medicine. He is also using a system developed in his laboratory to grow human cells in avian eggs to evaluate chemotherapies, allergenicity of compounds, and many other properties of cells and materials.

PhD: Columbia University
Postdoc: The Hebrew University, Hadassah Medical School

Prof. Yitzhak Mastai, Chemistry

Yitzhak Mastai

Prof. Mastai specializes in understanding and distinguishing between chiral partners (similar to mirror images); he also studies nano-materials, thin films, and water and other liquids in nano-porous materials.

PhD: The Weizmann Institute
Postdoc: Max-Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces, Germany

Dr. Judith Sonn, Head and Coordinator of Physiology Laboratories

Judith Sonn
Head and Coordinator of Physiology Laboratories

Dr. Sonn is an expert in mammalian physiology with special expertise in the circulatory and neurological systems.

Prof. Ron Wides, Biology

Ron Wides

Prof. Wides is a developmental biologist studying the underlying mechanisms that accompany development of an organism from embryo to adult.

PhD: Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Postdoc: The Weizmann Institute

Prof. Arlene Wilson-Gordon, Chemistry

Arlene Wilson-Gordon

Prof. Wilson-Gordon specializes in the field of theoretical nonlinear and quantum optics. In particular, she is interested in effects involving quantum interference and coherence and their potential applications.

D. Phil. in Theoretical Chemistry, University of Oxford;
Postdoctoral Fellow (Israel Academy-Royal Society Fellowship) in Molecular Dynamics, Hebrew University

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