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Bar-Ilan students preparing for medical school

As an included part of your Bar-Ilan schedule and program, and at no additional charge (a benefit of close to $2,000) we provide each student with a Stanley Kaplan MCAT Advantage — Anywhere course, combining all the benefits of a structured classroom instructional setting with the Stanley Kaplan expertise that gives students the MCAT advantage in applying to medical schools. The Stanley Kaplan MCAT Advantage course is the most popular preparatory choice for the MCAT.

With Bar-Ilan's Stanley Kaplan's MCAT Advantage — Anywhere you can:

  • Choose the schedule that best meets your demanding schedule
  • Get both personal attention, and the benefits of an interactive group setting
  • Benefit from comprehensive instruction from Kaplan's renowned MCAT faculty

Bar Ilan's Stanley Kaplan MCAT Advantage — Anywhere course is designed for the student whose schedule demands focused and efficient prep and flexible schedule options. The course includes 54 classroom instructional hours and 32 testing hours spread across 24 sessions.

You'll benefit from comprehensive instruction from a dynamic, high-scoring instructor. And as a Kaplan student, you can be confident your instructor is highly trained and supported by a vast network of academic advisors, student advisors, and curriculum specialists.

Bar-Ilan's MCAT Advantage — Anywhere includes:

  • 54 classroom instructional hours
  • 30 testing hours
  • 18 Classroom sessions
  • 1 diagnostic session including Science Assessment and MCAT Diagnostic
  • 5 scheduled full-length practice computer-based MCATs
  • Access to an additional 14 full-length computer-based MCATs

Course Features

  • Smart Reports™ — the online score analysis and personalized recommendation system
  • Quality study materials, including over 11,000 realistic practice questions and 1,100 passages in different learning and testing formats
  • Detailed explanations for every question and answer, including Explanations-On-Demand for Kaplan Full Length Practice Tests
  • Free make-up sessions if you miss a class and 24/7 access to online Lessons-On-Demand
  • Exclusive Higher Score Guarantee
  • Study with Stanley Kaplan's unmatched Review Notes with more than 600 science questions and vivid 3-D images and illustrations. You also get an online version where you can zoom images, play animations and flag and highlight notes or make your own
  • Review with Explanations-on-Demand — 150 hours of video vignettes with science question explanations taught by Kaplan's top MCAT faculty
  • Get the most MCAT practice available with 19 full-length tests in the computer-based format — including unlimited access to all eight AAMC-released tests

Target your prep with Smart Reports™ — an advanced online analysis of every Kaplan and AAMC question you answer. Get targeted feedback on your practice tests and homework results to track your progress. Get up-to-minute recommendations to target your prep, pinpointing your areas of greatest opportunity. No other company has the technology or resources to provide you with a more customized MCAT prep experience.

As with all the Kaplan MCAT courses:

  • If you're not ready to take the MCAT, you can study with us again for free, or
  • If you're not satisfied with your score gain — no matter how many points you improve — you can study with us again for free, or
  • If you don't score higher, you can study with us again for free
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