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Who is the Postbac Premed Program intended for?

The Bar-Ilan Postbaccalaureate Premedical Program is for men and women who have completed a bachelor's degree (or higher), yet lack the science courses required for admission to medical school. Students who have not yet completed their Bachelor's Degree but would like to take premedical courses will also be considered.

How competitive is admission to the program?

The Bar-Ilan Postbac Premed Program is very competitive. Your application must demonstrate your ability to handle an academically rigorous course load in the sciences, and a strong commitment to medicine. We require a bachelor's degree (or higher) from an accredited four-year institution, and an excellent undergraduate academic record and SAT scores. Our program includes the best and brightest students in the world.

Can I be accepted directly from college?

Successful applicants include both college seniors and those who have already earned their bachelor's (or higher) degree. In most cases, the admissions committee can make a decision pending receipt of your senior year second-semester transcript.

I have already taken some of the required science courses. Can I still apply?

Some students come to Bar-Ilan having already taken a few of their basic science requirements; however, they still have most of their prerequisite course work to complete.

I took a couple of the premed courses as an undergraduate, but that was several years ago. Can I still apply?

Most medical schools expect required science courses to have been taken within the five years prior to application. If you took several of the requirements many years ago, you are still eligible for admission, and would be able to retake the courses (along with the remaining courses.)

Is the program only for premeds?

No. The Bar-Ilan program is uniquely positioned to prepare you to pursue a variety of health-related careers, including medicine, dentistry, veterinary science, nursing, audiology, optometry, pharmacy, podiatry, psychology, and rehabilitation science.

How long will I take to complete the program?

One year.

Do I need to interview in Israel?

No. If we think you're a strong candidate, our Program Director will interview you via Skype.

How do I arrange to send my standardized test scores to Bar-Ilan?

To have your scores sent to Bar-Ilan, contact ETS (phone: 212-713-7789; web: and request that they send your SAT scores (and GRE scores, if applicable) to Bar-Ilan University — for SAT scores, use institution code XXXX; for GRE scores, use institution code 0967. Please note that this process can take several weeks, so be sure to start early. Only SAT and GRE scores are acceptable; there is no need to send LSAT or GMAT test results.

My test scores are old. Will you still accept them?

The date of an applicant's scores is not a factor in our evaluation.

Do you require recommendation letters and official transcripts?

Yes, we require one academic recommendation letter from someone with whom you have studied, and one recommendation letter from someone who knows you in some other capacity. Your application will be complete when we have received your official transcripts, your recommendation letters, your application, and your application fee.

When should I apply?

Admission to the Bar-Ilan Postbac Premed Program is on a rolling basis starting in September, with decisions made throughout the year. Classes start at the beginning of August (with orientation in late July). Applying early is recommended because there are many more qualified applicants than spaces available; we accept a maximum of 35 students to ensure an optimal, personalized experience for each and every student.

When will I hear about admission?

All admissions decisions are made on a rolling basis starting in September, with decisions made throughout the year. It takes our admissions committee a few weeks to review your application. If we think you're a strong candidate, you'll be invited to an interview. After your interview is completed, our admissions committee will review your candidacy and make a decision about your admission to the program within two to six weeks.

What percentage of applicants is accepted into the program?

Bar-Ilan is a highly competitive program, and accepts 35 or fewer students per year.

Who teaches my classes?

At Bar-Ilan, postbac premed students study with members of the world-renowned faculty in private classes tailored to the postbac premed program, thus ensuring small class size and individual attention.

Will there be Bar-Ilan undergraduates in my postbac premed classes?

No. Unlike many of the other postbac premed programs, at Bar-Ilan all of your classmates will be your fellow postbac premed students.

How many students will be in my classes?

There will be 35 or fewer students in your classes. The Bar-Ilan Postbac Premed Program is open to just 35 applicants.

What type of support can I expect as a Bar-Ilan Postbac Premed student?

We guide you every step of the way, from the postbac premed program straight through your application to medical school. During the course of the program, we provide small group and one-on-one tutoring as necessary, as well as MCAT and admissions interview coaching.

What type of support can I expect with the medical school application process?

Our faculty and staff will guide you through the application process, including workshops on the medical school admissions process; formulation of a strategic timeline for your medical school application; assistance in determining to which medical schools you should apply; personalized one-on-one coaching for your medical school interviews; personalized one-on-one assistance with your medical school essays and application; intensive Stanley Kaplan preparation for the MCATs; and finally, premed reference letters written by our Program Director.

How much will it cost, and is there financial aid available?

See the Tuition and Financial Aid page for this information. Yes, there is financial aid available.

Is the program geared to Americans, Canadians, Israelis, or international students?

The Bar-Ilan postbac premed is designed for American and Canadian students who are planning to return to the US and Canada to attend medical school. We also have a significant number of students who hope to stay in Israel to pursue medical careers. While we do accept applications from international students to our program, it is important to point out that admission to U.S. medical schools is heavily dependent on US citizenship or permanent residency.

When are classes held?

Classes start the beginning of August. Classroom sessions for the required classes (biology, chemistry, organic chemistry, math, and physics) are held Sunday through Thursday generally between 10:30am and 4:30pm. Laboratory sessions are held in the afternoons. There are no required classes on Fridays (though students often choose to do their MCAT preparation on Fridays,) and no classes at all on Saturdays.

I'll be graduating in the spring and want to begin the summer following graduation. Is that possible?

Yes. Our summer session doesn't begin until August, so it's quite appealing for students to begin in August without delay. (Just remember that we'll need to see your final spring transcript.)

I'm interested in a Ph.D or MPH in graduate school. Is this program appropriate for me?

The Bar-Ilan program can accommodate many career goals, including Ph.D and MPH. Most of our students, however, are interested in pursuing a medical degree.

What are Bar-Ilan's other English-language programs?

Bar-Ilan has been offering English-language programs to international students for 35 years: the Postbac Premed Program joins the International MBA Program, the Graduate Program in Linguistics in Clinical Research, the Graduate Program in Teaching English as a Foreign Language, the Graduate Program in Creative Writing, as well as undergraduate programs such as the International B.A. Program for Interdisciplinary Social Sciences, and a variety of summer programs in law, the sciences, Jewish studies, political thought, economics, strategy, and other subjects. The Postbac Premed Program builds on the experience gained from all of these other programs to offer what we believe will be the finest postbac premed program available anywhere in the world.

How do I find housing?

The dedicated Bar-Ilan Postbac Premed coordinator will help you find convenient, inexpensive housing in one of the many apartments within easy walking distance of the Bar-Ilan campus; she'll assist you in your housing search, help you find a suitable apartment, and answer any questions you may have about your relocation. She'll also put you in touch with your fellow students, to make it easier for you to find a roommate if desired.

How much will housing cost?

A nice apartment close to campus, shared with one or two fellow students, will cost about $500 per month plus utilities and taxes, or about $600 per month total.

Is there an orientation?

Yes. You'll start your year at Bar-Ilan with orientation in late July, which will include everything from finding your way around campus and around Tel Aviv, to tips on making the most of your year. There will also be numerous social events to acquaint you with the other program participants, and other students on campus. After you're admitted, you'll also be invited to join our online forum to get to know your fellow students even before the program begins. And, you'll have an opportunity to meet and get to know your Israeli host family, who will invite you for dinners, weekends, and holidays throughout the year.

Do you offer information sessions?

Yes. Information sessions via Skype and Google+ Hangouts are scheduled throughout the year and are listed on our web site in sidebar at the left. Any interested student is invited to attend.

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